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Atualizações Qtcontrib

Projeto Harbour QT - HbQt, HbXBP e HbIDE

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Atualizações Qtcontrib

Mensagempor Itamar M. Lins Jr. » 13 Jan 2015 19:51

2015-01-13 12:13 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (bedipritpal at
  * hbdbu/hbdbu.hbp
    ! Missed from ... Damm, ageing process is begining to manifest.

2015-01-13 08:48 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (bedipritpal at
  * hbqt/qtgui/qth/QLineEdit.qth
  * hbqtwidgets/hbqtwidgets.hbp
  + hbqtwidgets/resources/select.png
  + hbqtwidgets/resources/table-2.png
  + hbqtwidgets/resources/table-3.png
    ! Misses from previous commit.
      Was in a hurry to complete something on MAC and did not
      realized I did not compile everything on Windows. Sorry for the

2015-01-12 19:06 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (bedipritpal at
  * hbide/changelog.prg
  * hbide/editor.prg
  * hbide/harbourhelp.prg
  * hbide/hbide.hbp
  * hbide/hbqtoolbar.prg
  * hbide/main.prg
  * hbide/saveload.prg
  * hbide/shortcuts.prg
  * hbide/shortcuts.ui
  * hbide/themes.prg
  * hbide/uisrcmanager.prg
  * hbide/qtcore.txt
  * hbide/qtgui.txt
  * hbide/qtnetwork.txt
    % Many small changes mostly belonging to synchronize HbQtEditor separation.

  * hbqt/qtgui/
  * hbqt/qtgui/
  * hbqt/qtgui/qth/QLineEdit.qth
  * hbqt/qtmultimediawidgets/hbqtmultimediawidgets.hbm
  * hbqt/qtnetwork/qth/filelist.hbm
  * hbqt/qtpositioning/doc/en/class_qgeoareamonitorsource.txt
  * hbqt/qtpositioning/doc/en/class_qgeopositioninfosource.txt
  * hbqt/qtpositioning/qth/QGeoAreaMonitorSource.qth
  * hbqt/qtpositioning/qth/QGeoPositionInfoSource.qth
  * hbqt/qtpositioning/qth/QGeoSatelliteInfoSource.qth
  * hbqt/qtwebkit/hbqtwebkit.hbc
  * hbqtwidgets/editor.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/getlist.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/getsys.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/hbqtbrowse.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/
  * hbqtwidgets/hbqtwidgets.qrc
  * hbqtwidgets/misc.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/properties.prg
  + hbqtwidgets/resources/sort-ascending.png
  + hbqtwidgets/resources/sort-descending.png
  * hbqtwidgets/silverlight.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/slidinglist.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/tests/browgets.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/toolbarex.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/visualitems.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/visualizer.prg
  * hbqtwidgets/visualizer.ui
    % Many-many changes.
      Will document all at some next commits. In a hurry right now but needs commit.

2014-12-06 18:15 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (bedipritpal at
  * hbqt/qtcore/hbqt_hbqevents.cpp
    + Added code to fire QEvent::Paint.
       This is a very significant implementation, do not ignore it.
       QEvent_Paint brings on-widget drawing capabilities to PRG world.
       This can be the the base for XBase++'s OWNERDRAW create time clause.
       It opens up many interesting ways to redesign the whole interface.
       There is a difference between this and all other events in that
       the arguments sent to the conncted block are two instead of one.
         oButton := QPushButton( "Cancel" )
         oButton:connect( QEvent_Paint, {| oEvent, oPainter | ;
                          __paintTheButton( oEvent, oPainter, oButton ) }
         FUNCTION __paintTheButton( oEvent, oPainter, oButton )
            oPinter:fillRect( oEvent:rect(), QColor( Qt_blue ) )
            RETURN .T.  //  I M P O R T A N T

  * hbqt/qtcore/hbqt_pointer.cpp
    + Added: function HBQT_DEBUG( cDebugString )
       Facilitates to view Qt's own Qt Creator debugger window.
       Useful for Android builds.

  * hbide/projectpropertiesex.ui
    + FaceLift: added few toolbuttons to be exploied via HbQtEditor().

  * hbide/projmanager.prg
    + Project Properties dialog is now capable of real-time editing
       almost equal to any other HbIDE editing instance, thanks to
       HbQtEditor implementation.

  * hbide/docks.prg
  * hbide/main.prg
  * hbide/saveload.prg
  * hbide/shortcuts.prg
  * hbide/editor.prg
    % Changed: All objects of type IdeEdit() with HbQtEditor. Read below.
       This is a heavy change, very heavy, so regression is possible,
       please report.

  * hbide/edit.prg
    % Deprecated: will be removed in future after HbQtEditor is flagged
       to be stable.

  * hbqtwidgets/resources/delete-line.png
  * hbqtwidgets/resources/duplicate-line.png
  * hbqtwidgets/hbqtwidgets.qrc
    + Added: few more icons

  * hbqtwidgets/
    + Added: more contstants usable with new classes.

  * hbqtwidgets/hbqtwidgets.hbp
    + Added: editor.prg

  * hbqtwidgets/visualizer.prg
    + Added: method hide().

  * hbqtwidgets/misc.prg
    + Added: many functions called in HbQteditor().

  * hbqtwidgets/editor.prg
    + Added: CLASS HbQtEditor.
       It is the replica of HbIDE's editing instnce but with a significant
       change that now it can be linked with any application like a COM
       object. This has been a very tiring experience but at the same time
       extremely rewarding.

       When development of HbIDE started, vision was not mature enough to
       foresee the re-usability of components. HbIDE's all components kept
       on interwoven madly. HbDBU was developed later which enforced the
       re-usability pattern. Luckily, now we are in a position to experience
       the same with another big component, HbQtEditor.

       The component is mature now. I am using HbIDE as of current but not
       tested heavily. Normal operations seems to be working fine, so we
       can start using it. Still a good amount of thoughts are needed for
       API calls which is still, in my opinion, not done with. You need to
       wait a little more to deploy it in your apps.

  * hbqtwidgets/tests/validator.prg
    + Added; code to demonstrate how to use QEvent_Paint signal.

Itamar M. Lins Jr.
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Itamar M. Lins Jr.

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Atualizações Qtcontrib

Mensagempor Claudio Soto » 19 Jan 2015 19:16

mbelgrano escreveu:Hello Everybody
Uploaded is latest QtContribs installer QtContribs_Mingw-491_Qt-540_r391_Setup.exe.
Downlaod Link: ... rce=navbar
This installer is based on Qt 5.4 and MinGW 4.9.1.
This installer includes r374 through r391.
Installer is not thoroughly tested, so regression may be possible, please report back.

Pritpal Bedi

the tutorial Rev. [7655] has been updated at:

What's new:
Updated "How to install QtContribs and compile a PRG" - (Rev. [7642])
Added "How to Distribuite an Application" - (Rev. [7651])
Added "Games - McDonald's Game" - (Rev. [7654])
Dr. Claudio Soto
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Claudio Soto

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Atualizações Qtcontrib

Mensagempor Itamar M. Lins Jr. » 13 Fev 2015 21:42

2015-02-13 12:41 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (bedipritpal at
  * hbqtwidgets/editor.prg
    + Added: more methods to enahnce its usability.

  * hbqtwidgets/hbqtdbu.prg
    + Fixed a nasty bug surfacing when editing last column was finished.

  * hbqtwidgets/misc.prg
    + Added function __hbqtLiteDebug( ... ).
       The debug string build from list of parameters passed, CNLD types,
       is shown as Window's Titlebar retrieved by __hbqtAppWidget().
       This is very handy mechanism to debug something on the fly.
         __hbqtLiteDebug( "This Text", 213.13, .t., date() )

  * hbide/debugger.prg
    % Minor. A fix to manage re-availability of Editing Instance Split
  * hbide/editor.prg
    + Re-activated editing instance's SPLIT feature with more functionality.
       Now split can be Horizontal AND/OR Vertical, both together.

  + hbqtwidgets/tests/glossybutton.prg
    + Added demo app to demonstrate QEvent_Paint implementation as a
       separate source. The demo is submitted by Luigi, many thanks.

Itamar M. Lins Jr.
Avatar de usuário

Itamar M. Lins Jr.

Mensagens: 4887
Data de registro: 30 Mai 2007 11:31
Cidade/Estado: Ilheus Bahia
Curtiu: 177 vezes
Mens.Curtidas: 274 vezes

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