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Xailer 6.1.0 publication

Mensagempor Eric.Developer » 10 Abr 2019 22:11

In this new version we have updated the tool to the latest versions of all the external tools we use, such as compilers, code editors or databases. Xailer has adapted to the latest versions of:

And great improvements have been added, such as:

Event support in ActiveX controls.
Full support of stored procedures for MariaDB and MySQL. It includes the creation of classes that automatically incorporate all existing stored procedures in a database catalog.
New control TGroupboxMod which is the classic TGroupbox control but vitaminized.
Incredible improvements in the TRICHEdit control that now includes multiple import and export formats if you need to have Microsoft Office installed. In addition to supporting transparency.
New opacity property in a large number of controls. There is no longer just the possibility of putting transparency yes or no. With Xailer 6 it is possible to set an opacity level by percentage.
New method ToExcel () that allows to send from any TBrowse type control, its content to Excel (Excel must be installed).

For a complete list of all the improvements you can consult the following link:

The new version of Xailer and Harbor can be found in the following links:
Delphi, SQL, FastReport | Xailer VxH Fivewin Minigui Hwgui [x]Harbour
Contate-me: Desenvolvimentos em geral | Treinamentos
Overview/Download: Xailer / Harbour Ferramenta profissional e mais completa.
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