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Atualização da Hwgui - Browse com ADO/Array/DBF

MensagemEnviado: 19 Set 2020 09:14
por Itamar M. Lins Jr.
E correção para compilar com BCC7 e Xharbour.

2020-09-19 09:30 UTC+0200 Wilfried Brunken DF7BE
  * samples\bldmingw.bat
  * source\winapi\hbrowse.prg 
  * samples\Testado.prg (New)
  * doc/hwgdoc_commands.html
    ! Ticket #55 HBROWSE LineUp and LineDown (WinAPI)
    ! Sample program delivered by Itamar M. Lins Jr. (TNX)
    ! Modification tested with samples Testado.prg and
    ! colrbloc.prg and app CLLOG.
    ! Docu updated (Default is DATABASE)
    ! Build script: win_oleCreateObject()
    ! needs to include "%HRB_DIR%\contrib\hbwin.hbc"
  * contrib\misc\arr2str.c
    ! Ticket #53: xHarbour support (with bcc)
  * source\winapi\hwinprn.prg
  * source\gtk\hwinprn.prg
  * samples\winprn.prg
  * samples\gtk_samples\winprn.prg
  * doc/hwgdoc_classes.html
    ! Prepare for "hwlabel":
    ! New method SetDefaultMode():
    ! should act like a "printer reset"
    ! (Set back to default values).
    ! Docu updated.   

I needed to make some more modifications, because the browse in CLLOG crashes with
"Argument Error: ==". So the former sequence must be strict done with database.
I added an inline comment in hbrowse.prg to explain this. The default of BROWSE is "DATABASE".
I tested the modifications with your delivered sample (committed as Testado.prg), colrbloc.prg and
my app CLLOG.
During the development i found an error with "EDITABLE", crashes wenn appending a new element, i must look for it if i had time.

Itamar M. Lins Jr.