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Atualizações do LetoDBf

MensagemEnviado: 11 Jan 2019 15:47
por Itamar M. Lins Jr.

ADS morra de inveja! rsrsrsrs!!!

2019-01-11 19:01 UTC+0100 Rolf 'elch' Beckmann (elchs
  * include/letocl.h
  * source/client/letocl.c
  * source/client/letomgmn.c
  * source/server/letofunc.c
    ! fix in LETO_VARDECR(), default: 1.0 missing if non amount given
    ! mem access err in LetoFileExist(), bug fixes about path handling
      in LETO_SETPATH(), leto_SetPathDefault(), leto_FilePathClean()
      ; at one hand a ':' is Linux separator for multiple paths, and
      at other hand a Windows drive-letter to cut of is identified by ':';
      using at client side anytime Harbour separator ';' seem a way to go
    + new function Leto_FileTime( cFile[, dDate][, cTime][, nReturnType] ),
      which can *modify* a file timestamp ( a missing functionality );
      useable without given date/time/timestamp arguments to query for the
      file timestamp and return it in various formats
    * extend Leto_FileAttr()/ Leto_Directory() to accept numeric attributes,
      Leto_FileAttr() returns them as char, new 3rd boolean param to toggle
    * Leto_FileCopy() 3rd boolean param, if true delete source afterwards

  * include/
    * modifications related to the old pull request of Mauricio:
      ; new define __LETO_TRANSLATE_CT for CT-contrib file function group
      ; new define __LETO_TRANSLATE_FILE_ALL
        if set in your source *before* the #include "",
        then all function groups will be included for translation
      ; new define __LETO_TRANSLATE_FILE__ at top, outcommenting it will
        disable translating the default set of function groups;
        then they can be specific enabled/ defined in your source *before*
        the #include ""

  * Readme.txt
  * tests/test_var.prg
    * correct shown result for decrementing a decimal value;
      change expression-test to handle a valid expression
    * updates about recent changes

2019-01-09 12:09 UTC+0100 Rolf 'elch' Beckmann (elchs
  * Readme.txt
  * include/letocl.h
  * include/srvleto.h
  * source/client/letocl.c
  * source/client/letomgmn.c
  * source/server/letofunc.c
    ! fix some left problems with leto_SetPath[Search|Default](),
      and a misusage of HB_IS_BLOCK in LETO_DBUPDATE
    * extending LETO_SETPATH() ==> cOldPath -- return old setting before
    + introduce LETO_FILEMD5( cFile[, lBinary] ) as server side file MD5sum
      like HB_MD5FILE() does locally; MD5 to be used in trusted environment

2019-01-05 11:01 UTC+0100 Rolf 'elch' Beckmann (elchs
  * source/server/letofunc.c
    * keep in leto_SetPathDefault() an already set PATH,
      aka if not empty do not set it to 'DataPath'

2019-01-05 09:49 UTC+0100 Rolf 'elch' Beckmann (elchs
  * Readme.txt
  * ChangeLog.txt
    ! fix typo for new config option, correct is: SVC_NAME as short for
      SerViCe_name; Thanks for note by Rossine

  * include/letocl.h
  * source/client/leto1.c
  * source/client/letomgmn.c
    + LETO_SETCONNECTLOOKUP( [lNewSet] ) toogle flag for active connection
      ; when set try to open a table at other available connections,
      if table is not found ( no SHAREed error ) at current connection
    + LETO_SETPATH( cPath, lDefault )
      ; similar to 'SET PATH TO'/ 'SET DELAULT TO', but implemented as
      extra function to not disturb PATH/ DEFAULT settings for possible
      used local RDD
    % refresh given EOF flag after table hotbuffer timeout with a SKIP(0)

  * include/letocl.h
  * source/client/letocl.c
  * source/client/letomgmn.c
    + new internal function LetoDbHot() to query hotbuffer state
    * apply DEFAULT & search PATH only for the first established connection
      ; to avoid use LETO_CONNECT() before you SET PATH/ DEFAULT
    % extend internal LetoFileExist() to possible use the search PATH:
      LETO_FILE( cFile[, @cPath[ ) with optional 2nd param by reference
      --> if found, <cPath> contains filepath where file was found
      ; without 2nd param <cFile> must be at "DataPath" + <cFile>

  * source/server/letofunc.c
    - remove leto_PathFinder(), it was for case a path was given absolute,
      now all paths are handled relative;
    * extract set of [DEFAULT] PATH out of leto_Intro() into new seperate
      functions: leto_SetPathDefault() / leto_SetPathSearch()
    * add client side handling of SET DEFAULT|PATH in leto_set()

Itamar M. Lins Jr.

Atualizações do LetoDBf

MensagemEnviado: 11 Jan 2019 18:12
por asimoes

Já conseguiu entender como funciona LETO_SETPATH ?