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LetoDBf para xHarbour.

15 Dez 2017 08:22

Atenção, usuários do xHarbour, eu tinha recebido um email do Patrick Mast... Tudo indica, ele entrou em contato com o Elch... e este fez modificações no LetoDBf para suportar o xHarbour até fez os "MAKEs" para o xBuild.
* big xHarbour RDD compatibilty commit,

2017-12-11 17:57 UTC+0100 Rolf 'elch' Beckmann (elchs
  * rddleto.lib.xbp
    + add define LETO_NO_MT

  * include/funcleto.h
  * include/rddleto.h
  * source/common/blowfish.c
    * move xHB exceptions into only client side header, clean 'global' header;
      as consequence LETO_NO_MT must be defined by make tool if wanted

  * source/client/leto1.c
  * source/client/letocl.c
    * refine some __XHARBOUR__
    * close second socket mutex secured, so also the second thread can do to
      inform main about its end
    + prg level Leto_IsErrOptim() to query for second socket active

  - tests/rddleto.ini
  + tests/rddleto.txt
    * rename to avoid possible double login for tests

  * Readme.txt
    + new chapter for xHarbour
    + new automatics: auto-login with an '.ini' file, server detecting with
      recently integrated 'Uhura' and Leto_Detect()
    * refinements ...

2017-12-08 01:06 UTC+0100 Rolf 'elch' Beckmann (elchs
  * rddleto.lib.xbp
    * use source lz4.c instead of .obj in xBuilder definition
      ; preferred tested C-compiler is PellesC ! ( other was hack for XCC )
  * test_mem.exe.xbp
    * add PellesC 'crtmt.lib' with _beginthreadex() to link, needed by default
      ; disable with LETO_NO_THREAD, read below

  * include/funcleto.h
  * source/client/leto1.c
  * source/client/letocl.c
  * source/client/letomgmn.c
  * source/client/rddsys.prg
    ! fix self referring duplicate init procedure :-(
    + introduce compile time define LETO_NO_THREAD for client library:
      if set, it prevents starting a second thread ( 'delayed error' ),
      as these parts are then not compiled into.
      ; aka default is 'on' also ( with a hack ) for non-MT ! xHarbour
    % spare variables usage in delayedError()

2017-12-05 15:42 UTC+0100 Rolf 'elch' Beckmann (elchs
  * include/funcleto.h
  * include/letocl.h
  * include/
  * include/rddleto.h
  * source/3rd/lz4/lib/lz4.h
  * source/client/leto1.c
  * source/client/letocl.c
  * source/client/letomgmn.c
  * source/client/rddsys.prg
  * source/common/blowfish.c
  * source/common/common_c.c
  * tests/test_dbf.prg
  * tests/test_dbfe.prg
  * tests/test_file.prg
  * tests/test_filt.prg
  * tests/test_mem.prg
  * tests/test_ta.prg
  * tests/test_tr.prg
  * tests/test_var.prg
  + rddleto.lib.xbp
  + test_mem.exe.xbp
    * big xHarbour RDD compatibilty commit,
      fixing and adding more #if[n]def __XHARBOUR__ to exclude HB specifics
    * introduce #define LETO_NO_MT, if set it will prevent threading and TLS
      usage independent of app capabilies.
    + adding xBuilder for the RDD 'rddleto.lib.xbp',
      and one example 'test_mem.exe.xbp' how to link the RDD
      -- please note the "/" flag. !
      Similar can be done with 'test_[var|file|dbfe|dbfe|ta]'.
    ; needed 3rd party LZ4 compression did not compile with XCC,
      so above xBuilder links an "lz4.obj" created manually! by PellesC V6.
      With another compiler, just remove the 'lz4.obj' from xBuilder list,
      and add instead the source 'lz4.c' ind 3rd subdir.

Para os usuários do xHarbour é baixar e testar agora.
Teve que desligar o MT para rodar com o XHarbour!
#define LETO_NO_MT, if set it will prevent threading and TLS
usage independent of app capabilies.

E fez correções de erros reportados há algum tempo. Erros difíceis de detectar diga-se de passagem.

Itamar M. Lins Jr.

LetoDBf para xHarbour.

30 Abr 2018 09:34

Olá amigos,

Tem alguém usando o LetoDBf com xHarbour 1.2.1?


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